Online Programs

Masters Degrees

  M. ED., Curriculum Studies

The M.Ed., Curriculum Studies program prepares current educators for roles as master teachers or other advanced education professionals. This program is offered fully online with two options: Early Childhood Education and Advanced Early Childhood Education.

  M. ED., Educational Leadership

The M.Ed., Educational Leadership program is designed to provide students with a Master Degree in Education while preparing them for a Montana Class 3 Administrative License and a K-12 Principal Endorsement. This program is offered fully online.

  M.M., Music Education

The M.M., Music Education program offers high-quality, in-depth training in the most current instructional methods and trends. This program is offered partially online, with some classes held on campus during the summer.

  M.P.A., Public Administration

The M.P.A., Public Administration program prepares students for positions in the public and nonprofit sectors. It also prepares college graduates for professional public service and enhances the professional competence of mid-career public administrators. It is offered fully online.

  M.P.H., Public Health

The M.P.H., Public Health program enables professionals to gain knowledge of the factors which influence legislative and social policies; apply broad-based, state of the art qualitative and quantitative problem-solving skills; develop multidisciplinary and collaborative strategies for solving health-related problems; enhance their communication skills; be positioned for leadership roles in health promotion and disease prevention. This program is offered partially online.

  Joint M.P.H., Public Health & M.P.A., Public Administration

Under the MPA/MPH joint degree program, a student may complete two separate degrees, the Master of Public Administration and the Master of Public Health, in a shorter period of time than would be required if the degrees were taken consecutively.

Undergraduate Degree

 B.A., Art

The B.A. in Art degree develops skills in a variety of media, combining visual and applied arts. Student explore diverse courses such as design, film, painting, web production, printmaking, photo, data visualization and illustration. The final year synthesizes these diverse skills, and students tailor their project to fit their interests.

 B.A., Media Arts

The B.A. in Integrated Digital Media track will enable students to maximize their creative potential through the study and artistic application of emerging digital technologies. It will focus on interactive media, the web and Internet, gaming, and a variety of digital design applications. Harnessing the power of a globally connected Internet, this program is designed to help students take advantage of unprecedented learning opportunities and engage with the world in a powerful new way.

Associate Degree

  A.A., General Studies

The Associate of Arts (AA) degree at UM is designed to be a general education transfer degree. It is considered to be the equivalent of the first two years of a baccalaureate degree.


  Minor, Anthropology

Anthropology is the study of people, both ancient and contemporary, in their biological, archaeological, cultural, and linguistic context. Anthropology uses a holistic approach to integrate findings from the social sciences, natural sciences, and humanities. The minor in Anthropology is now offered fully-online and requires 18 credits of Anthropology and Linguistic courses.

  Minor, Communication Studies

The knowledge and skills the student may acquire in Communication Studies are important to functioning effectively in one's personal life, at work, and as a citizen of the larger society in a rapidly changing world. This program is offered fully online.


  RevUp Programs

A partnership between Montana's two-year colleges and the Montana Department of Labor and Industry, RevUp is designed to quickly train students for good paying jobs.


  Customer Relations

The Customer Relations Certificate of Applied Science provides students with skills to promote excellent customer relations in business settings. Job opportunities may be found in the following areas: advertising, computer technology, health, legal, education, non-profit, retail, insurance, manufacturing and public relations. This program is fully online.

  Cybersecurity Professional Certificate

The Cybersecurity Professional Certificate is designed to prepare computer and networking professionals for a career in the emerging field of computer security by providing advanced experience in the areas of business continuity, computer system design, risk assessment and mitigation techniques, contingency planning, data integrity, security investigation, and troubleshooting.


The 12-credit Certificate in Epidemiology will provide an overview of epidemiology, the basic science of public health. Students will be taught the principles and methods of epidemiologic investigation and an overview of relevant biostatistical applications, including the basis for conducting and interpreting epidemiologic studies.

  Forensic Studies

The Forensic Studies certificate is primarily designed as a stepping stone toward a baccalaureate degree for those interested in a career in forensic sciences or a related field. It is also designed as an avenue for law enforcement agents, forensic scientists, or other professionals in the justice system to satisfy mandatory continuing education requirements for continued employment or promotion. This program is offered fully online.

  Gifted & Talented Education

The Certificate in Gifted and Talented Education is a professional certificate that complements students’ academic qualifications by providing them with the specialized skills necessary to teach gifted and high ability students, and plan and deliver appropriate programs to meet their unique needs.

  Nonprofit Administration

The Nonprofit Administration Online Program offers students education and specific training in the field of nonprofit administration. This program is offered fully online.

  Public Administration

The Certificate in Public Administration offers public employees the fundamental skills through a series of core courses important for the profession of public administration. These classes provide basic knowledge and skills that enhance the level of professionalism in public service.

  Public Health

The Public Health certificate is geared towards those who currently work in a public health setting but have no formal public health training and are not interested in the Master of Public Health; those who wish to update their public health training; those who work in related fields and wish to broaden their knowledge of public health issues and concepts. This program is offered fully online.

  Public Health Administration

The CPHA will provide students with a general overview of public health and healthcare systems at the global, national, state and local levels.

  Public Policy

The Certificate in Public Policy offers public employees fundamental and advanced skills through a series of core courses. These classes provide basic knowledge and skills that enhance the level of data driven decision-making in public service organizations.

  Sales & Marketing

Marketing is a vital function of any organization. The objective is to market and effectively sell products or services to sustain itself, whether for profit or not-for-profit. Opportunity is limitless, the job is never boring, you work with people, and jobs are in demand.

  Wilderness Management

The Wilderness Management Graduate Certificate is offered fully online and provides students and professionals with training and expertise in the key topics related to wilderness management and provides the necessary foundation for careers in this field.


  Library Media

The Library Media program prepares teachers who will comfortably fill all the roles in the library. This program is offered fully online.

  Communicative Sciences and Disorders Leveling Program

This program is designed for individuals returning to school with a completed bachelor's degree in a field other than speech-language pathology. The program provides students with foundational knowledge in the areas of speech, language, and hearing development in order to be eligible to apply to graduate programs in speech-language pathology and audiology. This program is offered fully online.