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System Requirements

Important! Browser Recommendation: 

Firefox is the preferred browser for working in Moodle, whether using a PC or Mac platform. If you are finding you have limited functionality, it is often due to using browsers other than Firefox. Download Firefox for free.

Computer System Requirements

To participate in online courses at The University of Montana, students are expected to be familiar with computers and the Internet. Students are responsible for their own software and computer equipment maintenance and setup.

Basic System

  • Access to a computer system with a Macintosh OSx or Windows operating system (PC) installed.
  • A modem or other device capable of connecting to the Internet. It is possible to connect with a modem, but a high speed connection is strongly recommended.
  • An ISP (Internet Service Provider).
  • An Internet browser installed on your computer. Firefox is the preferred browser for working in Moodle, whether using a PC or Mac platform. Download Firefox for free.

Other Software

  • A word processing software program, such as Microsoft Word.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and save PDF files.
  • Current virus detection software that must be installed and kept up to date.

Class-Specific Requirements

Individual courses may require other computer or software, such as a sound card and speakers.

Protect Your Work

Creating a back-up of your work is always a recommended best practice. We urge you to back-up all of your work, especially when making posts to discussion boards, responding to essay questions, or composing a lengthy or important response directly into a Moodle course activity. If you require assistance, please contact the Tech Support Desk with any questions.

UM Moodle Resources:

Online resources, tip sheets and video tutorials to support faculty and student use of Moodle.