Micro-credentials confirm that an individual has achieved specific skills and competencies in a given area of academia or professional development. They differ from traditional degrees and certificates as they can be completed in short amounts of time, have a specified focus and afford learners increased flexibility in attaining learning outcomes.

Micro-credentials can be offered for credit or non-credit (or as a hybrid of the two) and are applicable to undergraduates, graduates, nontraditional students, and working professionals.

After completion of a micro-credential, program learners earn a digital badge that contains meta-data which verifies the skills, competencies and learning outcomes obtained therein.

Micro-credentials are an exciting and innovative movement in higher education and professional development that offer practical applications to a diverse population of learners.

Interested in Launching a Micro-Credentialing Program?

Step One

Process and Procedure

Review the “University of Montana Micro-Credentials and Badges: Process and Procedures”. This document provides an overview of micro-credentials, digital badges, and the processes and procedures regarding launching a new micro-credential program.

Step Two


Complete the Micro-credential Proposal Form. Detailed information regarding the proposal process is outlined in the “University of Montana Micro-Credentials and Badges: Process and Procedures”. Please ensure that your proposal form has been signed by your supervisor, section head, and other applicable parties. If the program is interdisciplinary or developed with a third party, an MOU should be established and submitted with your proposal.

Step Three

Proposal Submission

Submit your Proposal Form and Syllabus to UMOnline. Proposal forms are submitted through the digital platform “Submittable”. You will need your Net ID and log-in information in order to access the Submittable site.

Once your proposal has been received you will be contacted by a UMOnline administrator regarding the next steps.

Additional Resources


If you'd like to discuss various components of your program such as market analysis, financial considerations, credit options, learning outcomes, or digital badging, please contact Eric Vorkoeper.


If you would like assistance in marketing your micro-credential or don't see your approved micro-credential listed on our Microcredential Offerings web page, please contact Breanna Niekamp.