To prepare for a new semester, there are several tasks that instructors should do to prepare their fully online and blended courses or face-to-face courses that use an online supplement.

Fully online and blended courses

All new fully online or blended courses need to be first approved by the department chair. Once approved by the department, a course proposal is submitted to the Director of Instructional Design and Technical Support at UMOnline. When the course proposal is approved, UMOnline contacts the instructor and provides instructional design and development support. A course shell is automatically created for fully online and blended courses.

Online supplement

If you are teaching a face-to-face course that uses an online supplement, you will need to request a course supplement at UMOnline's Faculty Page. If you are new to developing a course supplement, check the UMOnline Workshop schedule for opportunities to learn the basics of Moodle or check the many tutorials available at Moodle Resources for Faculty, including a self-paced introduction to Moodle called UMOnline 101 for Faculty.

Copying course content to your new course shell

To copy course content from one course to another, see Copying Content to a New Course Shell using Import or Restore. For technical assistance contact the UMOnline Technical Support Desk at 243-4999.

Now that you've requested a course, learn about Design