At the end of a semester there are several tasks that need to be completed:

  1. Backup your course(s) using the Backup tool available in Moodle (under the Settings block) and then download the backup file to your computer. Once you have saved the latest backup file to your computer, please delete any old backup files from your Moodle course files. Detailed backup instructions can be found at: Course Maintenance for Instructors. Backing up courses and saving the files generally only takes a few minutes.
  2. Restore or import content to a new course shell if the course is going to be offered the next semester. To copy course content from one course to another, see Copying Content to a New Course Shell using Import or Restore. Most import/restore processes only take a few minutes.
  3. Indicate whether you need to maintain access to the course by keeping it active. After the semester ends you will receive an email from UMOnline asking whether you need to keep your course(s) active. Ideally, courses that remain active should only be those that are needed to facilitate incompletes. Before a course is made inactive and removed from the server, be sure you have backed up your course(s) and saved the backup files to your computer, then delete the backup from your Moodle course files. NOTE: If you misplace your backup, contact the UMOnline Help Desk. UMOnline also backs up and stores a backup of every course at the end of each semester. Remember, these backup files can be used to restore content into any future Moodle course using the Restore tool.

To request that a course remain active, please follow the instructions below.

  • Using your NetID, login to the UMOnline Course Maintenance site.
  • Click on the Request a Course to Remain Active link.
  • Select the course(s), if any, that you want to remain active.
  • Click Submit and then Logout.
  1. Export a copy of your Moodle gradebook to a spreadsheet such as Excel. This will provide you an external, printable copy of your gradebook. To export your gradebook, go to Grades, choose the Export tab, select Excel spreadsheet (just below the Export tab). Next, select the grade items to include and click the Submit button. You will see a preview of what will be included. Click Download and an Excel file will be created. Adjust column widths as necessary and then save the Excel file to your hard drive.
  2. Make your course unavailable to students when you no longer want them to be able to access the course (for courses that you want to remain available to you as an instructor). Under the Settings block of your course, select Edit Settings, then choose 'Hide' under the Visible setting and be sure to Save Changes.

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