If an employee needs Telework accommodations, please reach out to Human Resource Services for further information.

UM Work Exchange Hub

In order to provide continued employment opportunities for as many of our employees as possible during the current COVID-19 situation, HRS has established a work exchange hub. 

The hub is intended to provide supervisors in need of additional employees a centralized list of current UM personnel with the time that can be allotted to completing tasks in areas outside of their home department.

Call to Action: If you supervise an employee with available work hours not being fully utilized, please complete the COVID-19 UM Employee Exchange Availability Form below.  This will allow us to collect information on employee availability and help other areas in need.  

If you need an employee, please reach out to Shawn Blair, Compensation Manager or Marcie Briggs, Recruitment Manager.

Shawn Blair
Compensation Manager
☎ 406-243-4595

Marcie Briggs
Recruitment Manager
☎ 406-243-5706

Professional Development

The Office of Organizational Learning and Development will be hosting sessions that might be helpful for managers. More information is listed on the professional development series page, where additional sessions will be added in the future. We recommend reviewing their valuable bank of resources on the Working Remotely page that covers topics such as adapting to a virtual workspace, well-being, connecting with others and leading virtual teams.

Feel free to check out the Working Remotely page for more resources on efficiently working from home.