Online Summer Course Development


This fall semester all courses will automatically have a Moodle shell created, eliminating the need for faculty to request shells (supplements). To access Moodle, login using a Net ID at the UMOnline website and find courses listed along the left under My Courses. For faculty who are unfamiliar with using Moodle or need a refresher on the basics, there is an online tutorial called Moodle Basics for Faculty, in which they can self-enroll. UMOnline will also offer online Moodle Basics sessions throughout the summer, available via the IT Short Courses.

By default, Moodle shells are not visible to students in the course until the instructor makes it visible. Once the course shell is ready for student viewing, faculty need to select the Administration menu (gear icon in the upper right corner), choose Edit Settings, change the Visibility setting to “Show” and save the changes. If faculty have questions about accessing their Moodle shells, please contact the UMOnline Help Desk at 243-4999 or

  • UMOnline will accommodate cohorts by discipline, unit, or college/school as much as possible. NOTE: You will receive an email from UMOnline with sign-up information for individual cohorts, once you have pre-registered.
  • Each cohort will be led by UMOnline instructional designers.
  • UMOnline will provide course templates for content layout and sample assignments, forums, quizzes and other tools for engagement.
  • UMOnline will provide a repository of graphics with main banners and icons that faculty can download and use in their courses. Customized graphic design will be limited and on an as-needed basis.
  • Video creation using Zoom will be covered and participants will be taken through UMOnline’s video production process. Basic editing will be discussed. Editing services from the Innovation Studio will be available, depending on demand.
  • Cohort members will commit to meeting via Zoom either twice weekly for two weeks or daily for one week (four days) to accelerate development. Benchmarks and deadlines will be established to keep everyone on schedule.
  • Please review the March 30 Memorandum regarding the distinction between "remote" and "online" learning and classes.

Course Development Schedule


Complete specified portions of Moodle Basics for Faculty and Engaging Teaching Practices online tutorials.

Session Topics:

  1. Writing course outcomes, identifying assessments, outlining the course, and drafting the syllabus.
  2. Course layout examples, templates, and planning the design.
  3. Curating, checking and adjusting content for accessibility, and adding content.
  4. Designing assignments, forums, quizzes and other tools for engagement, including video.
  5. Setting up the grade book and recording grades.

Ongoing support in managing and updating the course can be done one-on-one and in group chats, as needed.