Distance Only - Change of Status Form

Distance Only Status

Students who intend to enroll only in online courses may opt to change their student status to "Distance". Doing so may result in reduced tuition and fees. This will waive the requirement to submit an immunization form before being registering for classes. It is very important to note that Distance students are not eligible for The University of Montana Health Insurance, Curry Health Center services, ASUM services, discounted tickets for athletic events or access to Campus Recreation services and can not live in campus housing. Distance students are not eligible to take on-campus courses. Note: as a Distance Only students, you will only be able to register for courses that are listed as SECTIONS 50 or 51.

This form can also be used to change your status from Distance Only back to Full Student status to include campus services. Your status may be changed only one time per semester.

Student Tuition and Fees Click on the semester, then scroll half way down the page to Distance Only Students

To change your status, complete and submit this form.

Upon submission of this form, your request will be directed to the appropriate personnel — Registrar's Office, Kyle Brester (406) 243-2422 and Ben Hamman (406) 243-2421, or Cassie Clark, Graduate School (406) 243-2572

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