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Moodle Development Advisory Committee

Composed of faculty from each of the schools and colleges at the University of Montana, the Moodle Development Advisory Committee meets on a quarterly basis to consider key issues in regard to applications of technology to enhance learning in relation to Moodle. The committee comprises:

College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty Liaisons - Jesse Munro
Instructional Designer: Marlene Zentz
Technical Assistant - Heather Swartz

School of Business Administration

Faculty Liaison - Cameron Lawrence
Instructional Designer: Nancy Clouse
Technical Assistant - Don Helliwell

School of Journalism

Faculty Liaison - Ray Fanning
Instructional Designer: Marlene Zentz
Technical Assistant - Marcus Schlueter

College of Visual and Performing Arts

Faculty Liaison - Rick Hughes
Technical Assistant - Hanna Dillon

School of Law

Faculty Liaison - Stacey Gordon
Instructional Designer: Marlene Zentz
Technical Assistant - Marcus Schlueter

Phyllis J. Washington College of Education and Human Sciences

Faculty Liaison - Lisa Blank
Instructional Designer: Nancy Clouse
Technical Assistant - Joey Walker

College of Forestry and Conservation

Faculty Liaison - Libby Covelli
Instructional Designer: Marlene Zentz
Technical Assistant - Heather Swartz

Missoula College

Faculty Liaison - Tom Gallagher
Instructional Designer: Nancy Clouse & Marlene Zentz
Technical Assistant - Kari Goin

College of Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences

Faculty Liaison - Danielle Wozniak
Instructional Designer: Nancy Clouse
Technical Assistant - Hanna Dillon

Davidson Honors College

Faculty Lisason - Erin Saldin
Instructional Designer: Marlene Zentz
Technical Assistant - Marcus Schlueter

Moodle Upgrades

The University of Montana, Montana Tech, Helena College, The University of Montana Western and the Montana Digital Academy use a version of Moodle provided and hosted by Moodlerooms. UMOnline is committed to working with our partner and the extended educational community to provide an effective and robust online learning solution that meets the needs of students, faculty, staff and administration. Our version of Moodle is generally updated twice a year and information on these updates and new functionality can be found on this page. You may contact Robert Squires to have additional functionality considered by the Development Advisory Committee, or contact your school representative directly.


December 27, 2013, The University of Montana will upgrade from Moodle 2.4 to Moodle 2.5. The impact for instructors should be minimal. Some of the improved functionality and features include:

Edit Settings for Activities and Resources

  • The Edit Settings for Activities and Resources have been updated to reduce complexity and collapse all field groups that do not have required fields. The HTML text editor in many of these has been updated to be minimized by default with a tab to show the full HTML editor tool bars if needed.

Assignment Activity

  • Assignment resubmissions: Assignment attempts can be versioned now and an instructor can open up assignments to allow a student to resubmit work.

Quiz activity

  • Quiz attempt auto save: It is now possible for a student’s work on a question to be saved by the system after a given period of time.
  • Essay question templates: Instructors can now add templates to an essay question to provide students with the format and structure the essay response should take.


  • Drag and drop media files and text to course: Text and media files can now be dragged and dropped on the course page to create a label.
  • Book print dialogue: The book printing process has been greatly enhanced with a new print button dialogue.
  • Display folder contents on the course page: Instructors can now determine how folders and sub folders are displayed on the course page.

Advanced Forums Activity

  • Accessibility: Moodlerooms worked with the University of Montana and the National Federation of the Blind to create a view of a Moodle forum that is highly accessible and visually appealing.
  • Printing/Exporting: The exporting and printing of discussions has been added back to advanced forums. This functionality has been improved to allow users to export/print posts from a specific discussion, user or both.
  • Set Advanced Forums for all Forums: The latest new block has been updated to allow site administrators to force the use of advanced forums as the new forum for a course. This allows clients to implement the accessible forum display in all forums on a site.

Joule Grader

  • Assignment submissions: Joule grader has been updated to support submission attempts. Each attempt will have its own unique comments and grade. Teachers and students can quickly view each attempt, comments and grades in one screen.